John Deere s690i Beta v1.0

Model: Julian11 (BIG BOSS modding)
Improving model SiiD
Model window: Vnsfdg2
fillVolume: Lookee86
Models radio: Most Sinister
Programming: SiiD, Lookee86, Julian11

paypal addres: [email protected]

beta 1.0
– Dirty
– Passenger
– Powerful animated hud
– Expanded panel IC
– Settings mirrors
– Opening the flap door
– Oil change
– Quick menu
– Camera Control
– Wipers
– Registering a vehicle
– Copy of land by caterpillars
– Interior lighting
– Tank capacity 14100 L
– Version on wheels and on tracks
– The sound and roosters are switched on at 80% full tank
– Greenstar

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3 Responses

  1. Rainis Raam says:

    Good textures, good quality, nice features.

    rework the camera to normal, like fs2015basic, when hiring worker the lights wont stay on and worklights too bright.

  2. 8370r says:

    Yeah my camera is black when you press C to enter the cabin. If you could rework the camera it would be nicer.

  3. pawel says:

    good textures

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