K700 Proto Pack


K700 with barrels manure
Capacity of 55,000 liters, working width – 18 m.

K700 with a cargo body
Capacity 62000 liters.
Transports: wheat rape maize barley chaff grass onion potato chips wood sugarbeet sunflower silage manure fertilizer carrot lime.

К700 HVAC.

Work light, front / rear
Rear hydraulic
Animated Parts
Vmax: about 32km / h
and other little things


ENTPACKEN-K700Proto-Pack.zip – 65.1 MB

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2 Responses

  1. Farmer Nash says:

    hey what does the tractor with nothing on it suppose to do?

    • scott says:

      you know the it runner dlc for the game its for that style of detachable beds you can get quite a few of them on this site that are free

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