Today I spend my second map you I hope you like it I gave her everything I had in v1.

The map
– 4 fully playable farm
– 3 grains and a buying-beet and potatoes
– Shop agricultural machinery
– Garden Center
– Purchase wool
– Sawmill
– 2 villages
– An interesting area
– Breeding cows, sheep and chickens
– Works correctly multiplayer
– Manure v2 Mod chaff and opened the gates to the,, o ”
– You’ll find out more after Please download the map


Kacwin_v2-Unpack.zip – 252.9 MB

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Download links:

3 Responses

  1. Aurél' says:

    Hi, there is a problem with doors in your map. They don’t open and with animation map trigger (for doors) too, please fix this bug because your map is beautifull, or contact me to help me.

  2. Football says:

    i think you also need the door trigger (separate mod)

  3. Football says:

    I think you need the door trigger mod

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