Trucks with trailer, the direction of travel show dust and leave traces, with more and get dirty (clean up). If the purchase is given to choose the color.

The pack consist of two trucks – Kamaz 65116 tractor and KamAZ 65117 Grain. Just two trailers of the company “PLANET” series 852910 and 852911A. The bodies carry loads: sunflower, potatoes, barley, canola, corn, wheat, wood chips, sand, sugar beets.

The cabin has registered a realistic camera, amortized cabin. Working in lighting fixtures, lights and dashboard.

Lexan, BrUISeR, sanya1970.
Maud truck and trailer for the 15 fs did the author: Grup F.Moder.

GFModer_kamaz_v1.zip – 46.0 MB

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