Kari beta v1.0




kari ne truck with wechselbrücke.
The pack included Kari trucks and Jenz hacker.

Bauer Bertl
Ls2013 mr gemeinde

Uploadfiles: Kari_beta_pack_v1.rar – 61.1 MB
Orginal Link: http://uploaded.net/file/wl8645n5

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4 Responses

  1. denny says:

    truck does not work. chipper works

  2. james1981 says:

    Can not get the truck

  3. Karl Heinz says:

    What is the Password for the beta pack…. Karicab

  4. Kazonga says:

    Here’s how to make the trailer show up in the store:
    – First create 2 new empty folders on your hard drive C:
    —- C:\Tmp
    —- C:\Temp
    – Next, unpack the rar file into the C:\Tmp folder, it contains 2 zip files;
    – then unpack the Kariv1.zip into the C:\Temp folder;
    – now select all files in C:\Temp and create a new zip file;
    – name it Kariv1 (extension ‘.zip’ will be added automatically);
    – copy the new Kariv1.zip file back to the C:\Tmp folder (overwrite the old one!);
    – Finish off, by copying the 2 files now in C:\Tmp into your mod folder.
    And you’re ready! 🙂

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