Everything you need in a truck and more
error free as far as i can tell if any problems plz let me know.

Pto front and rear does not work and somethings not sure why really but i didnt feel it was a big deal as you usally dont have pto on a truck.

Hope you enjoy

kingjawz – 34.9 MB

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  1. OIF3gunner says:

    This truck is AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing it, I have one suggestion though. Since the front and rear hydraulics dont work, can you just take them off? I think it would make the truck look cleaner!
    Mainly thank you for the horsepower increase!!

  2. Silentelk69778 says:

    Hey if you are going to upload give the people that made it credit just saying

  3. Clovis4012 says:

    Only complaints is the price. $400, yeah it makes it immediately buyable, but….just not realistic enough. Why I add mods; to make the game more realistic. I don’t know about y’all. But the PTO and the hydraulics work fine for me. Just spent 30 mins with a mower and loader wagon attached to it, filling my bunkers. Not sure if it’s been fixed and not updated, or if everyone else just has a problem. Other than that. it’s perfect. Love how realistic the shocks are on it. I hook up my goose neck and load up a combine and the rear end sags very realistically. Love it.

  4. James4012 says:

    Can anyone convert this to FS17? I would appreciate it sooooooo much.

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