Kogel timber semi trailers v1.0




Model, textures Repi
Ingame, animations: Repi
Alcoa Wheels: funker
Decals: funker, Repi

The model is 1: 1 !!!

Length: 13,62m
Width: 2.55m
Height: 3,95m

Polys vehicle: 56280
Price: € 58798 LS
Upkeep: 48 € LS
ZIP Size: 8.20 MB

With almost 14m length of the semi-trailer Kögel offers the transport of different
long logs. He is drawn either with a dolly or a truck.

I wish you much fun with the mod!

MfG Repi

Copyright (C) Repi, All Rights Reserved.

Modell, Texturen: Repi
Ingame, Animationen: Repi
Alcoa Reifen: funker
Decals: funker, Repi

Orginal Link: http://uploaded.net/file/2e4rtuoq
Sharemods: koegelLogtrailer_for_LS13.zip – 8.2 MB
Uploadfiles: koegelLogtrailer_for_LS13.zip – 8.2 MB

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