Kotte Sell Point Liquid Manure Slurry Tankers v1.0




V1.0 No Errors. These are not old conversions, They are new.
Kotte Garant Liquid manure transport tankers that work with sell point trigger mods for liquid manure. One is for the Semi Trucks and the other has a drawbar hitch for tractors. Both have all the dyeable colours, 45000 capacity, Beacon Lights, HDR body Textures, Washable and Multiplayer YES. Custom Particle discharge. 20000 to buy with 20 Daily cost’s. 11.5mb zip for both tankers.

Original By Giant’s, Mod buy Stevie.

kotteGarantSlurryTankers.zip – 11.5 MB

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  1. hammyham says:

    what map is this??

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