Krone Ballengigant Bale Trailer
Automatic pick up of square, round and round wrapped bales
Strobe lights on the front, rear and down the sides
Rear turning axles

Painted black, new black wood floor, new english wide turns sign

MTL Modding Team, Bavaria Modding, PurpleKnight Modding – 9.6 MB

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3 Responses

  1. Antoni says:

    Ja chce mieć te wszystkie mody

  2. Gamaniaa says:

    Amazing trailer and it can pick up any bale, including bales from different mods. But if you restart your save all the loaded bales are gone, the counter says they’re on it but you don’t see them and if you want to unload while this happens it won’t unload. Once I tried to unload while they were visible but the game crashed, a little sad.
    So my score will be based on looks, function and performance: 6/10

  3. Eddy van Dam says:

    Is a beautiful giant bales. But this mod is not good. Have played in Great Western Farm. Buying is not a problem. The first time Load Handling was not a problem. In the second loading and unloading then crashed the game. I tried 3 times. Up to 3x crashed.

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