Krone BigX 1100 Beast
Krone dolly axle ulw Car Mp3 prototype
Krone Easy Flow Pickup
Krone Easy Collect Maisgebiss
Krone XDisc cutter for Grass and Grain
Krone Header Trailer
MAN TGS 8 × 8 agricultural
MAN TGS agricultural Bergmann Silage construction
-Agriculture Get dirty
-Opens the door for the
-Opens a window on the button
-Full lighting
-Koła Get dirty
-Ruchome elements
-Odświeżona texture
-New sounds
Exactly mapped models
-For The selection version on tracks or wheels
-Przyczepy Large capacity for medium or large farms
-Various Functions of the truck on the (Open windows etc …)
-Kurz From tires
Realistic fuel consumption
-speed Combine limited to the real value
-Wnętrze Machines nicely presented
-Maximum Speed of the combine 42 km / h
-Trailer, you can hook directly to a combine


Krone_MANPack.rar – 98.1 MB

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  1. Kenny66 says:

    Nice, but there are a couple of issues.
    – If you pause the game for more than a minute or so it freezes and won’t empty into a trailer. You have to go to the menu and reset the vehicle to get function back.
    – If this fills and the BigX stops to wait for you to bring the trailer, if the trailer is smaller than 50,000 the BigX won’t continue on like other harvesters even after you drive away. It sits and waits to be completely emptied before it will continue.

    Other than that, it works great. Nicely done!

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