Krone Premos 5000 v1.0 Beta

By Premos 5000 Krone offers first pellet-harvesting, can be produced directly in the field with the Halmgutpellets. This allows renewable agricultural raw materials and secondary raw materials are useful used for energy, thus helping to reduce CO? Emissions.
The machine works very energy efficient: To produce the pellets is in the field is compared to the common stationary Pelletierern only half as much energy needed. In addition, thanks to the harvesting principle of logistical expenses (pellets directly from the field) is very low, since the otherwise complex process chain (bale presses, load, transport, unload, store, pellet) is omitted.

The pellets must ALWAYS be overloaded

Weight: 13 t
Bunker: 9000 l
Working width: 2.40 m
Operating speed: 5 km / h
Cost per day: € 110
Sale price: € 190,000
Requires Power: 400 hp
Connection: PTO
Fruit collection: all Halmsorten grass, straw …

Model / ingame: Tackleberry

script: Marhu
Suggestions: commentators and crew /

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  1. CD says:

    some of the maps I see in the photos of the mods that are listed such as this one on the page are amazing.
    is there a way to find out what maps the are?

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