Jackaroo, rafftnix, BlackJack, fendt2000, fireandice, Mofi – 20.1 MB

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  1. Rambo says:

    Perhaps you could tell us what it does. Just a thought.

  2. Ryan says:

    It collects grass into round bales and then wraps them all in one go.

  3. FarmerMark says:

    Rambo its obviously a Baler, and not just a baler… the BEST baler ever made for this game. Its a non stop self unloading auto wrapping baling masterpiece!

  4. bernt H says:

    I have truble with all bales are 4000 after retarting the game

  5. Demma says:

    I have dowloaded to the mods folder in “my games” but it do not apere in the “mods” tab in options in the game. And not in the game itself. What to do?
    sorry, I am from Norway and i suck in English

  6. jimmy says:

    try opening the mod and copy and paste moddesc to desktop .one you did that.right click moddesc and edit. see what version the mod is. if its version 21 change it to 20 close out and save and put back in its folder and overrite .and check and see if mod shows up

  7. steffen says:

    hey guy’s,

    can some one help me with this prob
    if a make a bale and i’m done im saving the game and when im back there all gone.

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