Krone Ultima CF155XC 1.4 Bale Reworked V1


For Those Of You That Has Used The krone CF155XC Its A pretty good mod but Just recently when I used it to base on my autoloading trailer I found A small Issue When Bales Was lose stacked there was a air gap between bales and I found this Issue While Off loading Bales To the trailer The Front And Rear Sets Of Bales Would Fly Off And I Could not figure Out why untill I looked at the bales Released Setting on trailer And Noticed The Air gap The Zip File Is The Reworked 1.4 sized bale I3d & Shapes Files Just Unzip And replace The old Files in bales folder With these I readjusted The Collision around bales to fix this issue and for those that downloaded my balemaster sorry I should Have caught This Sooner Seems Like No Matter How Hard you try to not miss Issues with A mod Theres always something that still comes up after upload Just did not think to look at the mod that was not involved in modifications.

Bm modding, Thunderhawk09 – 28 KB

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  1. travdog says:

    are you able to get it working on courseplay?

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