Krytszyn V1


Map features:
– village
– 2 playable farms
– sheep
– cows
– 2 forests
– sawmill
– Shop agricultural Rolmar
– Buying-2
– cpn
– bank
– Garden center
– Mod chopped
– Mod manure
– Climate Polish village
– Nice terrain

The first vision maps appeared in August 2015. Initially it had created one holding a number of fields in about. In the following months, he had the idea to do a small village. End of the year, when the map was hit to the overall download \ ‘So was the second part. It has a BGA, a sawmill, a garden center, a shop and buying-Rolmar cereals.


Krytszyn_V1_ByKrydka_WYPAKUJ.rar – 338.1 MB

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