Landrover Defender Dakar FS 2015 V 1.0.0




Land Rover Defender Dakar
Color: Yellow
Version with shine and gloss version without
.rar file must be decompressed

Dirt HQ texture (full washable)
Animated speedometer & Co
Adapted driving style steering wheels
New sound (original Defender)
Two versions (with shine without gloss)

22:04:15 Release LS15 Version 1.0.0

3D/2D: Original Mod Spin Tires
2D/InGame/Sound: Maxter
Convert from Spintires: MrFox – 38.0 MB

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14 Responses

  1. RXS100 says:

    Once I place this in to mod folder it does not appear in game?

  2. RXS100 says:

    I have it working now. 🙂 I changed the value from 22 to 20 –
    Love it! Thank you…

  3. RXS100 says:

    modDesc descVersion=”20″

    • arwel says:

      hi there ive tried changing the value from 22 – 20 in mod desc but still nothing and i tried copy and paste and extracting and still it does not work any help thank you

  4. jimmy says:

    arwel. what did you down load. and when you change the value to 20 did you save it.

  5. jimmy says:

    arwel try changing value to 21 maybe your version is 21

  6. arwel says:

    ok will try changing it to 21 and yes i did save it after i made the change value thank you

  7. arwel says:

    ok so tried changing it to 21 and still it doesn’t appear have extract it or did you copy and paste into mod folder

  8. jimmy says:

    ok I open the mod folder you want drag . moddesc to desktop. and then edit the version to 20. close out and save. take moddesc you just edit and put back in that folder and yes to overite . and now take your mod that you want and that you just edit and put in your mods . don’t extract. it should show up . I had a mod I downloaded edit and put in my mod folder and couldn’t find it . the mod was a truck and found out it was the tractor catergory. and if you did everything rite and don’t show up its bad mod

  9. jimmy says:

    arwel make sure the mod is for farming simulator 2015

  10. jimmy says:

    arwel after you did all you edit. you can just drag your landrover folder to your mod folder . don’t extract anything

  11. arwel says:

    ok thank you will give it a go

  12. arwel says:

    Jimmy thanks for all your help I finally got it to work and it was well worth it really good MOD

  13. jimmy says:

    arwel your welcome!

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