Landrover Defender Dakar LS2015 V




Size scales (x0.075 | not 1: 1 but it fits better in the LS)
IC circuit installed (bonnet, doors & windows)
Passenger mod installed (up to four passenger possible)
Animated suspension (dampers, springs, axles, rods, propeller shafts, etc.)
Subtle sheen inserted (paint & windows)
Revised suspension settings
More power (180PS)
Higher top speed (90km / h)
New Run-Sound

Land Rover Defender Dakar
Colour: Yellow

HQ Dirt texture (full washable)
Animated speedometer & Co
Adapted driving style steering wheels
New Sound (Original Defender)

10:05:15 Release LS15 Version
22:04:15 Release LS15 Version

3D/2D: Original Mod Spin Tires
2D/InGame/Sound: Maxter
Convert from Spintires: MrFox – 43.3 MB

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2 Responses

  1. Anthony Redmond says:

    Would love this is dark green without logo’s

  2. Pedrochapps says:

    the speed of this thing is kind of retarded there is no need for mods to go these speeds.

    The use of IC is a pain in the ass also when using the drive control mod.

    but apart from that i love it.

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