Lantmannen scaniaR730forest v2

Now the Forest v2 out for download. The truck got a new crane 2st new drag and height-adjustable cab. The truck is ready 6m logs. Tows available in 1-3 compartments and was taking 6m.
The crane outrigger Lowered by Alt-6 and tipping Alt + 7-9 and the cabin is controlled by X
Hope you like it.

Multiplay mod to0

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8 Responses

  1. col says:

    looks like a cool mod but wont show up in my mods tells me zip is empty and has no files in it

  2. Lantmannen says:

    Then you have something application that destroys the file. The file is located on a server at 141 mb and function. several that had that kind of problem with bad zip program!
    Insert the zip in the mods so it should work

  3. Jeremiah says:

    This things needs to be on a different sever or something, I have tried like six or seven times, and it will not complete a download, the most I’ve gotten before it fails is like 111MB out of 138MB 🙁

  4. col says:

    i can download whole thing add zip to mods but will not show up on game

  5. Lantmannen says:

    The link function perfectly. do not understand why you have a problem?

  6. col says:

    have tried everything still does not show up in the game?

  7. dwb says:

    It appears there is some kind of time-out on the sender’s server. I also tried several times to download, and could not complete. Always seemed to quit around 15 minutes into the download. I finally completed by pausing the download a couple of times, presumably re-setting the limit clock.

  8. StreakyToaster9 says:

    great mod if it not to much could you do a semi trailer version same as you’re two lift trailer to match to make a road train.
    other then that great work

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