Lantmannen_Volvo_180F v3


We celebrate 20,000 hits on the Volvo 180F with V3.
change if a little added new tools that fit into it.
Hope you enjoy it.
Declines lot of desires thanks. Can do for Santa Claus



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5 Responses

  1. alexfetty says:

    can’t down load

  2. ama299 says:

    Nice mod works great. It took me longer to make the pile of logs then it did to pick up. Must have if you log

  3. ama299 says:

    One problem I discovered that I cannot get past is the front wheels slide for no reason. You can be on level ground and it will slide to the right every time. If this can be fixed it will get 5 stars.

  4. larry casey says:

    i can’t get the gates to open at the house or the bio plant but other then that i really like this map

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