Liebherr L538 AWS v 2.0

I hate Knicklenker as the Pecht, I once changed the Liebherr at AWS (all wheel steering).
I adjusted the weight of the loader

Giants, peterman67, PiKax0


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3 Responses

  1. Rod says:

    Aws mod is awesome.I hate articulates.Can you do this for a Case Steiger.Thanks Rod

  2. ama299 says:

    Camera does not pan up. Other then that it would nicely.

  3. graham says:

    I really enjoy this mod as when I use the standard 538l I get motion sickness. my problem is the attachment holder breaks away from the machine . this happens in all maps. some days I have no troubles other days it happens with every load even if I reset the 538 hope you can help

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