Limburg V 1.0 map

What can you find in the map;

– Farm.
– Cows, Sheeps and Chickens.
– Pigs, Calfs, Fattend Chicken and Lams.
– Village, Fuel Station, Playground and a Soccer Field.
– Building site where you can sell your Cement.
– Cement factory where you can make your own Cement.
– Bakkery where you can make your own bread and sell it.
– Brewery where you can make your own beer and sell it at the Pub and AH Supermarket.
– You can buy sand an Gravel for making Cement.
– Gardencenter where you can sell Manure and you can buy your Trees.
– Biogass.
– Vehicle store.
– Fish nursery where you can feed mais and make your own fish, you can sell the fish at the AH Supermarket.
– Sugarbeet Factory
– Countrytrade, Here you can sell your normal crops, Sand, Gravel, Straw and Milk.
– Plain flour factory where you can buy several crops.
– Shell gasstation where you can sell your gasoline.
– Wood and grain selling point. – 375.7 MB

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2 Responses

  1. Jairo says:

    It lacks the straw stock, boil and silage

  2. fs15 says:

    you can’t take water

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