Little Farm Planet Map V 1.3

Among the changes:

The halls on the farm have been disappeared and replaced by shelters.
The cow pasture scored a mixing station and “leak” the cows a little more.
The Farm House has moved and you start directly from there.
Start Vehicles and Start fields slightly adjusted.
Your chickens are now running around your house and the eggs they lay you on the terrace.

I’ve done more but if I were to enumerate every blade of grass I am tomorrow nich ready
by letter.

Grab NEN Piqup and look for yourself what there is to see.

Kalklager (planned for 1.4 V)
– Immoment is the lime commercially available at the sugar factory
Milchwerk (Work in Progress)

Wool pallet collector (If immoment behind)
Mast systems (planned and also comes)
and much more …

When now what appears in the version I can not say exactly now I am working at the V1.4 where I currently struggling with minor issues.

I opted for a conversion of the standard map to come back here in the mapping and its functions.
Later followed possibly an independent Map if I have the time for it.

I have this map can then prepared so that there the “Course play” without problems his ways depart.

Marhu , Technik , El_Cid , mariodieck , FSmodding , Icebear_Lars , REL1981 – 477.8 MB

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