Lower Bavaria Map V 1.1





Version 1.1
-PDA Adjusted error with conveyor belt fixed -Straßenschilder -Sätzlinge can now be purchased from the country store -Storeplaces now in the court -forgottenPlants / plant density adjusted added -Mapbeschreibung -…

Lugge.96 buildings / objects: Katsuo Steffen30muc king kalle Fatian L4Icce Thorne Janhenrik Fendtfan1 Eifok team Nick98.1

NiederbayernV11.zip – 246.2 MB

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  1. ozgamer says:

    thanks for sharing your map, you have a great little map here, however for me it’s a bit small, as I prefer large multiplayer maps not small maps,
    however you have added a working rail line and for me that’s a plus, so i’ll be keeping it in my archives.

    keep up the good work, i’m sure there are others who prefer small maps,

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