Lumber Trailer V2

I wanted to make a Trailer That hauled lumber so I Made the already uploaded Fliegl 8 pallet Trailer Then I Desided to make a second Lumber trailer this time from the 12m Fliegl And Here Both My 8 pallet And 12 Pallet trailers are in a pack there is no fancy folding sides and they are all Stationary stakes load has to be loaded over stakes I have used both tractor front loader and the telehandler with no prolems me they work great Just what I was Looking for to do away with the hay wagon Style trailer that came out for the new Lumber nothing against it just I hate backing them so heres my mod.
Fixed Landing Gear Issue
Converted wheels the aluminuim alcoa 22.5’s
Fixed Issue Where Hitting The Old Tip Action Button Would Make trailer Goes Nuts

thunderhawk09 Converted To lumber Trailer & Aluminuim Wheels – 22.0 MB

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