Mach Single Axle Flatbed Version v1.2



I was Looking For A Semi Truck To Make Into A Gooseneck pulling Flatbed When I Ran Acroos This Mack Single Axle Fifth Wheel Rig It Looked Like It would Be Just Right To Add Bed mod to it and I Was Right I added The Bed Lowered The Truck some and added and resized all lights on truck both gooseneck ball and receiver hitch has triggers and works I have aslo made adjustments in xml file to allow if needed to run Equipment off truck only from receiver hitch though And Added A little low brake force it likes to break lose in rear when you let off gas so low brake force helped with that. Overall I really like how it turned out but Interior is a blank shell it never was completed and the Crome Exsaust stack could not be relocated like I would have like too all crome items on truck was all linked together in ge so had to leave it and try to work it so it goes through the bed the best that I Could Get with causing other Issues I Have Also Added A Beacon light bar to top of head rack
Mach Single Axle Flatbed V1.1
All Above Not Changed But Added A Fuel tank And Seed Bags Now Truck is A Gooseneck Hauling, refueling & seed reffilling truck all in one enjoy
Added Fertilizer Refill to above truck now have the ability to refill fuel, fertilizer & seeds

have fun with

bjm1977, Thunderhawk09 bed mod, Fuel, Seed & fertilizer refill mod – 24.2 MB

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