Map at first glance did not seem large, but it was increased to two. On large fields grown by standard culture fs 15, as well as there is space to extract sand. Animals as standard, plus piglets. There are no large fishing farm.

Map detailed in the details, right – and indeed, the whole has been given a lot of attention. You will not find a residential yard, which could be similar to the other. Expanded silos. At the start you own one very large field, the rest will have to buy for much money, the price of 1 ha large. There’s economy is complex and realistic prices.

Gelik666 (Максим Николаевич)

DOWNLOAD farming_simulator_2015_mod_karta_maksimovka.rar – 613.6 MB

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2 Responses

  1. CNB says:

    Map full with Soviet emblems, even Lenin’s statue. That is hiprocity to identify svastika as unethical, but symbolism of USSR as something normal. That would be nice to delete such maps and mods.

  2. agrarmaster says:

    Most of the buildings are just white. Your whole ‘2015’-Folder is protected, so the Engine can’t load the textures. Big minus for this!

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