MAN ITRunner Pack

This mod include two trucks to use with the ItRunner DLC.

– The original mod did not work in MP, this one does.
– I fixed many bugs such as bad UWV mappings, missing materials and that attachments would show up in front of the truck.
– I nerfed the power of the truck so that it
– I replaced the modified tires with the one that is on the vanilla man truck.

Truck 2. MAN TGS ITRUNNER HEAVY DUTY (the black one in the pictures)
– The original is an excellent mod, however it only worked with the HKL attachment, not the itrunner, I therefore converted it and removed the other HKL attachments since it was no longer needed.

– They are washable.
– You can pick a color.
– They work with ItRunner dlc.
– They work in multiplayer.
– The horsepower in store page is based on the ingame console command.

Truck 1:
– Kyosho’s Modfactory
– Bullgore and Dave –
– Erik1988 – ported to work with ITRunner and fixed bugs.

– Kyosho’s Modfactory (
– Erik1988 – ported to work with ITRunner. – 42.9 MB

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