Man TGS 18 440 With Bratner E8041 Tipper V1

I like this little truck its handy as pockets on a shirt but I wanted A little bigger than 10,000L so I scaled up the bratner E8041 tipper And Increased The Cap to 20,000L And Done A wheel Conversion To Alcoa Aluminuim Wheels Front and rear I done this mod for myself but desided to share so I dont need No ones Negitive Feedback You Either Like it Great Im Glad Or You dont like it and I dont care And Dont Need To Hear About it
Have Fun With It

Giants Software, SpeedySC1978,
Fruchtplanen (Säcke) stammen von Rosenthaler_ROS
Thunderhawk09 Bed, Wheels mod – 34.3 MB

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