I present to you the long-awaited talerzówkę Mandam Tal R
What distinguishes this from other disc harrow is that a transport wheel, which relieves the back of the tractor.

Note: Harrow does not fit all trocars, as the tractors have different height on linkage and transport wheel is not based on the ground. After that, not yet talerzuje towards North (Mountain) – South (Down), I do not know why this might be happening.

What it has:
– Has Particle
– Shaft with rear talerzówki is movable up and down
– The machine is dirty, has a specular
– Plates was enforceable standards FS15
– Circle of transport reclining on the “” X “”
– Minimum tractor power is 120km
– The working width is 3.0m

Price: $ 92100
Maintenance: $ 20

Terms / Prohibitions !!! :
Keep a fact that I am the author
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