Manual Ignition 4.1.2


– Fix: AI now turn off engine when its done, broken since v4.1

– New: Disable ignition if FollowMe or Course Play is active
– New: Auto start engine when you start course
– Fix: FollowMe and Course Play now works, broken since v4.1

Update: Better Drive Control support
Update: Script optimizations / cleaning
Fix: Ropa Euro Maus3 ignition

Fix: Dedicated Server: if no players and tractor not being used then turn off engine
Fix: MP issue with heater for clients
Fix: Vehicle will stop fully onLeave, no more moving on its own!

FS15 Convert
MovingTools disabled if motor off
Improvements to add script
Added: NL translation
Stop motors on dedicated servers if there are no players
Lights stay on onLeave (very basic)(only if motor is on)
Hud update
Disable Drive Control features (manMotorStart, manMotorKeepTurnedOn, toggleActive)

Script – Xentro Graphics – Niggels939 – 20 KB

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3 Responses

  1. D-DozZ4 says:

    nice mod if you’re looking for a more realistic gameplay.
    but! it does not work with all mods..

  2. Heiseberg says:

    When i get in the vehicle it just start automatically ( tested at no-mod tractor )

  3. keanu says:

    it works but after using it i found that it stops the use of the boom on the telehandelers

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