Kuban Spaces Map-X Experimental

This is a fully playable map together with a tutorial. There is a big tutorial file where all functions are shown and explained: The working of soilmod, factories, storage facilities, economy, vehicles and animal fattening.

It’s your task to build the needed buildings and buy the right vehicles that you like for to manage this farm efficently. There are many big fields !

wheat, barley, maize, rape, potato, sugarbeet, sunflower, oat

bakery, dairy, concrete factory, pig fattening, slaughterhouse, flourmills, fuel production

has soilmod

The map is based on the Kubanspaces Map, that had so extremely many bugs that big parts of the game weren’t playable. So it was necessary to fix all this as listed below:

-upkversion decreased from 0.9.9 to UPK version 0.9.8 (example:the windmills now work)
-writing error wheate on breadfactory corrected
-fishsale limited per 24 hours
-milchwerk enabled with 3 products
-woolsale added
-added l10 text entries
-oatsale added to grain selling point
-pigsale fixed and enabled

-invisible or unreachable selling triggers deleted
-new selling stations (for fish, bread, cheese and so on) added instead (revenues adjusted)
-cowshed slurry pit
-farm ruins deleted, so you have plenty of space for your own farm buildings

-slurry storage pit
-wolves, dogs
-vehicle store
-radio towers
-new farm storages added

Beckeredit cjiohuk, OHV modding team, N&M modding, and more: see the credits file

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