Marne V2.1

Welcome to the Marne

Marne is divided geographically into three main parts. At the center of the department is the plains of Champagne or Champagne chalk, mostly covered with grain fields. The west of the Marne is occupied by the vineyards of Champagne and reliefs of the Champagne Coast and the Montagne de Reims, where the highest point of the department is located.

Thank you to:

-the company is kindly put their pub
– Marhu (Good mods )
-Mika (pour les Videos de présentation)


Attention: This mod may not be changed or re-uploaded the map may be offered only to the original link in other forums or the like.! I ask for your understanding.

Restricted ,Juju, Christian ,Bruno ,Mika ,didier

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  1. starting farmer says:

    This is one of the most buitifull maps i have played.. it’s very very nice. The dirt roads extremely nice done, however some things i came across at.

    the starting field has some open unseedable spots due to that the feeld hight at some points is too hight or deep for the seeder to work ( if you open the map those spots are on the right hand side of feels 1 ) . Grapes which can be harvested are sellable, but no money is given. it’s not clear how to make the concrete the only place worth selling is pompon pretation wich i don’t know what it is.. google can’t translate it. The road infront of the shop would be expected to be a normal road it’s a dirt road, and some dirt roads are a tad too deep. a little more explaining how to make stuff would be nice.

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