MCHALE 998 wrappers for square bales


McHale 998 wrappers for square bales
Urmodell2013: Bergwoud
The McHale square bale Bale can all be processed (straw, hay, grass)
The bales are wrapped in foil and the content is converted into silage which can then be fed to animals or processed otherwise shared.

Price: € 32,400
Maintenance: € 5
Washable: Yes

Authors: – 8.4 MB

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5 Responses

  1. tom wells says:

    Hello first of all this mod is great and works flawlessly just one question , is it possible to speed up the wrapping process to make more lifelike

  2. need to fix the mod every time after i purchase the mod it starts shaking then flips over on the left side and just shakes back and forth

  3. after you have installed the mod and purchase this machine from shop it starts shacking then flips over on to the left side then continues to shake back and forth

  4. david nicely says:

    I NOTICE THE SHAKING AS WELL.when you run out of foil theres no way to refill it that I chould figure out.and when I wrap straw it makes it grass bales need to to do some more work on it

  5. FW247 says:

    Shacking and to much bugs with it…
    Not worth to download….

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