Mercedes Vario TSF v0.9 BETA


We register again with another mod.
This time we thought we do once a TSF-W
As far as this modification is ready to upload
but I have still useable say that there is still a BETA
Version and therefore not quite finished.
There are a few more features are added as
eg a spray which you can use and possibly
nor TS that can be extension!
I please the you look you again in the credits.

Who agrees with FIREFIGHTER Mods in LS NOT have to download this Mod NOT. You will here not compelled these mods downloading. So if it does not suit you then you do not look at these mods!

Aufbau: LS-Fire-Design
Cab: Polarstern
Idee / Konzept: LS-Fire-Design
Tester: LS-Fire-Design
Ingaming: TschiZackGameing

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