Michigan CCA v1.2 dual maps by Stevie

Update Full Details. 876mb zip package.
New traffic spline added to centre block.
Salad Greenhouse added to North east corner.
Fruit farm added at the east small farm.
The full map has Fatians road models added.
Pig Forage master added at the new large farm behind the vehicle store. Machine has large capacity.
Seeds2 from the seed master added to silo storage.
Embedded fill planes and unloading particles added for seeds2.
Meadow field 27 defined and price lowered.
MIP’s added to Gas station buildings.
Roadside verges cleaned up all around the map.
New large farms unloading trigger corrected from the test map.
North boundary road moved.
Potato and salad pallet movers replaced.
Grass foliage height increased slightly
Around 200 more forestry trees added to the boundary
Broken bridge mid river crossing added to field 28
Pig forage added as feed type to beef and pigs.
Farm yards surfaces made uneven.
Sunflower textures, distance maps and heights modified.
Fields 27/28 rolled into 1 split by the river. 27 is new meadow at new farm,
New east small holding farm with soil mod tanks, seedmaster, potato washer, pallet line and sell point, vehicle storage, basic fruit storage and farm silo.
Station building texture fixed.
Garden centre fence post added.
Triggers updated.
PDA map updated.
Compost soil swapped over to compost.
Potato washer unload triggers modified.
New entrance to north farm.
MIP’s added to field entry ramps and fire station.
BGA Triggers updated.
Brand new farm behind the vehicle store which has the following:
Full fruit storage.
Farm silo.
Dual silage clamps.
Soil mod tanks.
Vehicle storage.
Pig fattening.
Chicken fattening.
Beef fattening.
Egg station.
Meat trigger behind the supermarket.
Crop height slightly adjusted higher for sorghum.
Compost sign added to the garden centre heaps.
New storage signs.
Seedmasters added to the original farms.
Seedmaster capacities increased to 90000 each.
Storage added to compost plant.
Texture work done all around the map.
Conveyors added at the animal fattening and cow manure clamp.
Tree Clip and LODS adjusted for both HSS and SSS maps.
Supply silo trigger sizes adjusted.
English brief tutorial.
Unzip the main package and place the zip files into your mod folder. The multifruit and animation map trigger files that come with the package must be used for this map and my other 3 Ringwoods V3, Black Rock Valley V3 and Lakeside. It is best to run the map in a clean mod folder away from other maps to avaoid mod conflicts, Mod folder switcher is good for this as well. The map has a clean error free log tested by 100s of users, if you have errors in your log look for conflicts, many users on the facebook page will help with problems.

Map design by Thomas Fick and creation by Stevie, Custom models, textures and testing Luke_BK and Stevie. Installed mods and scripts by: Farmer_Andy, Marhu, RC_Devil, Robbie FS_UK, Eisbearg, Upsidedown, Decker_MMIV, tater salad, FSModding, Geneborg, Fatian, Ifkonator, Kastor and Webalizer.

michiganCCAV12PublicDMUNZIPME.zip – 876.0 MB

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8 Responses

  1. farmerman00 says:

    the map is very good, but you should remove this grafic bug, after the map is perfect!! 😀

  2. farmerman00 says:

    Or can you help me in Italian language for remove this? 😀

  3. farmerman00 says:

    I wait the new version or this correction of the bug! I want to play with this map! Come on 😀

  4. martin says:

    cant fill potato washer with diesel.. what am I doing wrong

  5. Paul says:

    When the fattening beef and pigs are at sale weight, they disappear. Where do they go? I can’t find them to load them up in the cattle hauler.
    Also, the fattening chickens… when I took some to the meat shop to sell them I got zero money for each of them (a “$0” showed up as each chicken got off the cattle hauler.

  6. Marco says:

    When i hire worker for cultivation worker stops after 10 meters ( field 25 and 45)

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