MidWest Family Farms V2

Welcome to MidWest Family FarmsV2, This map Has standard crops plus soybeans, oats. standard animals plus pigs. Young pig market 40$ a pig or buy young pig in store for 50$ a pig. And a new feed mill. Pigs are in a american style barn.
There are two sell places for grains and one sell place for potato’s and sugar beets, A BGA with a compostMaster, A John Deere dealer, Stockyard to sale pigs.
There is a place to sell manure and slurry plus a place to store slurry. There are a lot of tree’s to cut down and take to the sawmill. There are two empty lots for placeables. And much more. I checked over the tree’s twice but there mite be a floater I missed?

Pig Barn- Pigs only need mixed feed, silage, corn, water. Press the o botton to select between young pig or slaughter pigs when loading and then r to fill.
Credits:For Feed Mill
Model JohnDeere1952
Signs JohnDeere1952
Mixing Station Marhu
Sukup Bins ThompsonM06
Pits Giants
Barn Giants
Testers and Advice cjwilksy 812farmer somethingonmyshoe

Please include these people in the credits for hog and cattle barns.
1. Marhu-original SchweineMast and RinderMast
2. Isotope/BigCountry/Looseterror/TwistedGA/ThompsonM06/mwlacy- Feed bin texture
3. 812farmer- American hog and Cattle barn.
4. braindead4554- Help with the hog and cattle barns.
5. JohnDeere1952- hog ban rotating fan.

Mods needed zzz_compostsoil, Chopped Straw mod, AnimationMaptrigger, Multifruit mod for soybeans.

Giants, And all the good folks that make mods for the game. Look in modDesc of mod to see author.

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3 Responses

  1. Aaron says:

    Am i missing them, or is there not a place to fill the water tanks and sprayers?

  2. Joe says:

    Water tank full point at the water pump windmill next to the large solitary barn. Fertiliser refill in next to the seed pallets. I’m struggling to sell slurry, though!

  3. Aaron says:

    slurry is the building between the slurry storage and the pigglet market in the lower left corner.

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