Here the Mitsubishi Fuso livestock LS15wsb
NO real model!

* Fruits: horse pig beef cow2 chicken2 sheep2 lamb
* Variable Body: Shield rear left (below) shows current species
* Ramp mouse-controlled and automatically when unloading
* Trailerattacher normal / low
* washable
* Capa: beef 26 / pig 12 / horse 3 / cow 3 / chicken2 36 / sheep2 14 / lamb30
* … And other details
* Log: clean

Have fun with it … TheSecretLife

It is forbidden to upload this mod new, not even in a different form!

Please use the original download link!
– It is forbidden to upload this mod again, even in altered form at!
Please use the original download link!
– Draudžiama / kelti š / mod vl, net pakitusiu pavidalu!
Prašome naudoti originalus parsisiuntimo nuorod!
– Zabrania si WGra th mod jeszcze, w nawet zmienionej formie!
Prosz u | ywa oryginalnego link do pobrania!
– Depending zakázáno vkládat tento mod znovu, a to i ve zm n né form! Prosím použijte


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