What makes the LS15 Mod Installer:
This tool installed and uninstalled mods easily

By List view one has a good overview of the Mods in the download folder, because all other files that do not mods are not be displayed

Overview of the installed mods

At a glance you can see what is in the Mod Shop as the images are displayed. So it saves the hassle of unpacking the Mods

Will not the standard Windwos download folder used may be adjusted in the menu which folder is used and stored for the next use

If the LS15 Mod folder is also outsourced these can also be set

SupaRichi – 1.2 MB

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Download links:

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  1. Shomy says:

    Is this working with Windows 10? Because it doesn’t see downloaded mods in downloads folder ? Or maybe the mods are wrong ,but I seriously doubt that …

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