Mods Molasses Production Plant v1.0


This pack is for the Molasses Production Plant, placeable and for the GE version. I have KroneX1100 and the KroneCollect1053. These where released by Eagle 355th, I pick these because of the color. I edited the particleAminations so the head will show these fruits. I have included the Krampe900MultiHDRDyeablev11 and the grantWaterTrailer( added molasses).
The fruits are added Multifruits: sugarcane, sorghum, sudangrass, forageSorghum, forageSudangrass, molassesMeal, and rawSugar.
The fruits are: sugarcane, sorghum, sudangrass. I put directions so you can add to map. Just use the directions for sugarcane when adding sorghum and sudangrass. The huds are in the huds file and in the sugarcane, sorghum, sudangrass file.

forageSorghum, forageSudangrass, MolassesMeal, rawSugar and molasses – jb3pc4sale
KroneX1100, KroneCollect1053 Giants/ Eagle355th/ jb3pc4sale
GarantWaterTrailer Giants/ marhu RC-Devil
Fruit textures edited – jb3pc4sale

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