-> Ready for GMK and Soil Mod
-> Water Mod
-> Chopped Straw Mod
-> Animation Map trigger installed at some gates
-> The barn must be cleaned out with a front loader!
– Built> Mast systems (pork, beef, broiler chicken, fattening sheep) and related cattle market
-> Mountainous and challenging landscape for vehicles
-> Many hectares of forest with thousands of trees for the Friends of the forest
Be> sawmill from the Two Rivers installed, prepared by the boards pallets –
-> All Standard Fruit installed. For wool to wool palette collectors
-> Milk itself can be managed for Milchwerk

Sales outlets:
-> Raiffeisen market (wheat, barley, canola, potatoes, corn, potatoes, sugar beets, grass, straw)
-> BayWa (wheat, barley, canola, potatoes, corn, potatoes, sugar beet)
-> Milchwerk (milk)
-> Fleischer (porker, Feeder Cattle, fattening sheep, broiler)
-> Weaving (wool)
-> Hardware (wool, boards)
-> Bahnhof (wood)
-> Sawmill / Bio-HKW (wood chips, wood processing into planks)
-> Cattle market (buying grass and straw; manure can be bought there in limited numbers!)

Holzi, Toffi(BigT)
BGA – Giants
diverse Gebäude und Dekoobjekte – Giants

Kirche – möchtegernbauer
Edeka – San_Andreas
Baumarkt – San_Andreas
Tankstelle -Hardstyler
Saegewerk aus Two Rivers – Festus, ElCid
Bullenstall – Mario
Hofgebäude – BernieSCS
Häuser -TracMax, Giants
ChoppedStraw: webalizer
Gülle/Kalk/Mistmod: TMT/Marhu
Wassermod – Marhu
FabrikScript – Marhu
WollpallettenSammler – Marhu
Schweine- und Rinderzucht – Marhu
Mastanlagen Pack – RC-Devil
Metzger – möchtegernbauer
Feldschilder -Fendtfan1
StraßenschilderPack V3.3 – Nick98.1
Sollten wir versehentlich jemanden vergessen haben, dann bitte kurz bei uns melden, und es wird natürlich nachgetragen! – 510.3 MB

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