Mountain And Valley Map V 1.2

Version 1.2
-> Missing Filltypes the butcher added (It lacked cow2 and lamb Thus the animals could never be unloaded..) – Changed> spawn for tree pallets at garden centers -> acceptance points repaired the old cattle market – changed> Mist Plane in the cowshed that they no “Physics Warning” more causes. -> Store Places the merchants a little changed -> When Milchwerk changed the ground – straightened> Field 26 – revise> field boundaries, in order to avoid overlaps -> several minor bugs (flying trees etc.) -> Fixed a bug in the display Trigger on Hofsilo -> “invalid Case Warnings” corrected the Particel system and sound files -> Lime Hud rigged -> OFFICE: Huds rigged -> more missing l10n-text added – > Lamb mast repaired – added> straw and wheat stock to the mast equipment -> pig feed production chain from farmer Andy installed (washed potatoes, steamed potatoes, pig feed -> pig now takes just “PigForage” as feed – built> MulitFruit (Planning and PS for Seeds, Fertilizer, Compost, pig feed, washed potatoes, steamed potatoes) -> compost Master generates now just “compost” and no “compost_soil” more -> more texture angle installed -> Schwadhöhen for grass and straw increased slightly -> corn plants made slightly higher -> egg-laying station installed (Eggs may be sold at Edeka) -> statistic balance to Bga installed. -> Start fields changed -> Start-trailer and shovel adapted fill types

BGA – Giants
diverse Gebäude und Dekoobjekte – Giants

Feldschilder -Fendtfan1
StraßenschilderPack V3.3 – Nick98.1
Kirche – möchtegernbauer
Metzger – möchtegernbauer
Edeka – San_Andreas
Baumarkt – San_Andreas
Tankstelle -Hardstyler
Saegewerk aus Two Rivers – Festus, ElCid
Bullenstall – Mario
Hofgebäude – BernieSCS
Häuser -TracMax, Giants

ChoppedStraw: webalizer
Gülle/Kalk/Mistmod: TMT/Marhu
Wassermod – Marhu
FabrikScript – Marhu
WollpallettenSammler – Marhu
Schweine- und Rinderzucht – Marhu
Kompostmaster – Farmer_Andy
Kartoffelwaschanlage – Farmer_Andy
Kartoffeldämpfer – Farmer_Andy
Kartoffelabfüllstation – Farmer_Andy
ForageMaster – Farmer_Andy
Eierlegestation – Farmer_Andy

Waage mit Statistikfunktion – mkausen

Mastanlagen Pack – RC-Devil
zeitgesteuertes Flutlich – RC-Devil

Feldschilder -Fendtfan1
StraßenschilderPack V3.3 – Nick98.1

Harvester Lärchen – t0xic0m – 641.1 MB

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