This version contains a detailed description in German and English, two sample mods and a template for zzzMrGearboxAddonConfig.xm. If you want to change the GearboxAddon something, then copied to the file in the mods folder. This is exactly where also should already are. It is not necessary to change any mods.
In addition, the so-called Turbosound’s new in version 1.1. When switching there is a corresponding hiss. Velen thanks Knechti for support, advice and for the release of Turbo Sounds.
The mod also works in MP. Thanks to Beda6 for testing! The additional configuration file is supported in MP. You must be available only on the server.
And fixes Version 1.2
It is now additionally a customized version of at that again immediately rotates the camera when switching between forward and reverse. New tractors there is not.

mogli aka biedens – 251 KB

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  1. M says:

    Dumm guy here:) Do we engage gear shifts with this mod? And if and when you ear a sound like tunning truck do?is that it?
    Sorry bro…this all new to me…but if we couyld engage gears that would be awesome.I believe is super important part on tractor.Shame giants don`t feel the same :/please enlight me

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