Multi Overlay Hud V 1.4


ChangeLog v1.4:
fix UPK trees (patch 1.3)
fix BestPrice display English. Version
fix BestPrice great demand (patch 1.3)
BGA Slot added (switch if more than 4)
Silage Silo Slot added (switch if more than 7)
BGA silage / silo extension added support
Pig v4.1 added support (fattening, breeding) (max 16)
Station Name changes can be displayed on the mini map (picture)
Added potato damper placeable
Added PigForageMaster placeable
Factory scripts support mods that are installed with GE (max 30) * 5
platzierbareObjecte slot switch function added (when more than 5)
Max stations to 56 reduced (per page 14)
Auto milk sale Off Info added when available
WoolpalettCollector added support
Added support WaterMod
Note: Because keyboards are a scarce commodity in LS, the MouseKey Switch function was optional added that you can use. Red marked station name or fruit, white indicates a fault. In the map or in the modDesc.xml.



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