Animals * 8, UPK objects * 6, greenhouses, warehouses, best prices, field data (+ purchase), Field Information (simple), Bga, silos, placeable objects, Map built objects, Marhu factory script objects, and more than a comfortable miniPda Settings menu * 3
There is additionally a VehicleInspector (VI) (image) can use to her. * 5
Please check first in the bug list before you report an error or have problems with something.
Clue please read sometimes. Thx
optional artDesigns (needs the current ArtDesign Addon 1.2) <--- click ArtDesign Settings menu (image) each miniPda slot has its own individual settings (image) optional you can assign the display objects themselves Location display of objects on the map optional two / three / horizontal / vertical display miniPda autodisplay correction 4/3, 5/4, 16/10 (default 16/9) * 4 Fruit name and station name change on the language file (image) Universal Language file that can you configure itself MouseKey switch function * 1 optional, everything can be controlled only with the mouse PalCollector / WoolCollector autodetection WaterMod autodetection Fermenting / mixing station auto-recognition (modType other) (image) Factory Script auto-recognition (slot other1) Bga / SilageSilo Extension Mod Support * 2 Authors:
Happy Looser – 365 KB

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