Multifruit Farm V 1.0

multifruit-farm (1)

multifruit-farm (2)


Extra Crops:
– Klee
– luzerne
– oat
– rye
– sunflower

Present in the folder:
– Contractor with lots of storage and a small BGA with mix station
– Farm for cows with mixing console with enough storage for vehicles
– Commercial land for sale of all kinds of products there is the sale of pigs and calves
– Fuel pump
– Supermarket
– Mill for bringing crops, calves / pigs and wool
– Sawmill and scrap sales
– garden centre
– Village pub for beer and bread
– Flour mill for making flour
– bakery
– big Bga
– Company where you can buy your land

Map by Gert-K
Road Kit 3 door Fatian.
Landhandel: Eifok.
WaterMod v3.1.5; Marhu.
webalizer: ChopperStraw.
GMK Mod lappyBauer.
GuelleMistKalkModPack_LS15; Mannie313, Marhu, grazy.
Digitale Anzeige: Urmodder: Blacky_BPG.
Hallen Pack LS15: en loslaten Shed Pack LS15: Nederlands Agricultural Modelling.
Opslag door Kyosho.
Schweine Mast v 3.2.7; Marhu, Hühnermast mit animierten Giants Chicks.
Giants Software, Dutch Agricultural Modelling, Fatian: Strassenset, Windmill by Manuel, LuxFarm
Animation Map Trigger: Script: Xentro, GuelleMistKalkModPack_LS15 TMT (Marhu, -Kolbenfresser-, Hatzfan,
Schweine Mast Marhu, Vertex_Dezign, Eifok-Team; NKB-Modding: Fermenter; Nick98.1: Schilderset; – 504.3 MB

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2 Responses

  1. Liam says:

    The doors do not work for me on the sheds where the combine and the new holland tractors are stored, I would like to play on this map with my friends but that makes it impossible if we can’t get the vehicles out of the shed :p. Also, (and this is just a suggestion) why have field 11 as the starting one? Would it not make more sense to own 4 at the start? It’s much closer to the equipment storage compound.
    Other than that I really like this map. Good work!

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