MultiOverlay Hud (addon) artDesign v1.0



Here is a first for the multi ArtDesign Overlay Mod v.1.2 and higher.
Those who do not like and want Standart ArtDesign have a little variety, which is found here in the future appropriate alternatives.

Use and installation:
Unpack zip file to a directory of your choice (under 15 LS delay.)
put in the multiOverlaySettings.xml to true
the directory and the name entered in ARTDESIGN

Ex: Verziechniss … / FarmingSimulator2015 / moArtDesign

moArtDesign / blueArtDesign

Whether the ArtDesigns are combatible with the original mod, learn it then always in Hauptmod.
Since it is very aufwenig (for me as a graphic bond), it will go only very slowly.
Since my ArtDesigner is still sick, I am looking for someone who has Intresse and desire to take over this part !!
And who does not like it should not invite easy 🙂

1.Veröffentlichung only with original download link. NOT a substitute link
2.The change and re-upload is not permitted

HappyLooser – 90 KB

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Download links:

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