Murray Mower v3


Hi, this is the murray from ls13 to ls15 and it is the same as it was in fs13 but that’s not a problem and most important HAVE FUN!!!

troll9237, big country – 5.3 MB

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  1. Farmer Nash says:

    ummmmm……has anyone else put this in there mod file and open the game and check mods and it isn’t there, because i got the latest update and it doesn’t shown up in my mods list.

  2. RubberJohnny says:

    Try changing the line: modDesc descVersion to=”9″ ,in the modDesc.xml file to: modDesc descVersion to=”20″
    Should be the second line in the modDesc.xml file.I also changed the file name of that file from: moddesc.xml ,to modDesc.xml ,don’t know if changing the name helped in anyway or not.
    Hope this helps.
    I have a different problem with this mod.Now I have it ingame.I enter the mower,the engine starts for a second,the engine stops,then nothing,it don’t move an inch.I did have the Manual Ignition mod install ,but removed it now but still same problem.Any ideas anyone?

    • Farmer Nash says:

      alright, i changed the mod description from 9 to 20( which by the way is suppose to be changed by the mod owner) and it shows up in the game, i get all excited because i can finally cut the grass around the buildings on the farm. I buy it, I get in it and the black box with the speed and fuel and capacity is missing but the fuel adjustment mod shows up down there but no back ground, i try to start it nothing happens, i try to drive it , nothing happens, i tab to the next vehicle on the tab list and when i enter that vehicle i hear what sounds like a lawn mower engine turning off. what is going on here? My grass is still growing under my feet.

  3. jimmy says:

    rubberjohnny. go into the murry xlm file and edit the fuel usage to 0. and it should work. drag the xlm files to desktop and right click to edit fuse usage and save and put back in murry folder .

    • RubberJohnny says:

      Thanks for your quick reply Jimmy.
      Set fuel usage to 0 in the murry xlm,but still not going anywhere.I enter the mower,and hear the motor start then no motor sound and no movement.When I exit the mower I hear the motor sound stop.The only thing that works is the lights.
      Here’s my murry.xml content:

      Copyright (C) GIANTS Software GmbH, All Rights Reserved.





      ” />

      <!– –>

  4. RubberJohnny says:

    motor minRpm=”300″ maxRpm=”585 700 900″ brakeForce=”10″ forwardGearRatio=”2.5″ backwardGearRatio=”2.5″ differentialRatio=”4″ rpmFadeOutRange=”20″
    torque rpm=”500″ torque=”2.5″/
    torque rpm=”700″ torque=”3.5″/
    torque rpm=”900″ torque=”4″/
    torque rpm=”1750″ torque=”5″/
    torque rpm=”1800″ torque=”3.5″/

  5. RubberJohnny says:

    Sorry about this 🙂


  6. RubberJohnny says:

    Problem fixed.I downloaded a pack with one in 🙂
    Here’s the link:

  7. keith says:

    where can i get this rig? i look and look but cant find plz help

  8. jimmy says:

    maybe this files was bad

  9. esteban says:

    gracias amigo

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