Na Zadupiu V3.2 FINAL

Hello. After a long time I decided to release the final version. Map majority rather have known because I will not write what exactly it there because it was described.

What has been improved / added V3.0.1:
Corrected piles of chips / sawdust

What has been improved / added V3.1:
-Map made under the FS15 V1.2 (GE 6.0.3 64bit)
-przerobiono triggers the gate and piles under the FS15 V1.2 (GE 6.0.3 64bit)
-znikły help icon (a question mark)
-Added a biogas plant
-Added another garage with 4 gates opening on the button
-Added another FOREST (fifth and largest)
-Added drying grain on a farm
-Added additional two fields and meadow next to a grain elevator
-Added more details on the map (wheelbarrows, barrels, tools, etc.).
-zmieniono texture grass
-zmieniono numPerUnit for cereals and sugar beet and straw / grass / hay
(better now mows / collects and less lag will be worse kompach)
-zmniejszono resolution shadows emitted by the sun of 2048 by 512 (will be less lagowało)
Corrected prices of certain fields
-and other.

What has been improved / added V3.2:
-Added ManureMOD (mod manure)
Removed textures shine to buildings and facilities
(better visual effect at night and less strain on the computer)
-realne cereal prices
Corrected several objects and their function
s certainly a few things that I can not remember

Fashion necessary for the proper operation of the map (you can find them in the package):

Didek – 219.5 MB

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