Naclaw Map V3






Hi, I present to you another installment of Map V3 maps Nacław I think better than others, and we find on it:
– Fields small, medium (largest 4.1 ha)
– 1 multifunctional farm
– Skupy: Elwator Grain Bureau Forwarding, Bioelektrownia
– Two villages (one next to elwatora, the other side of the other stocks to
– Purchase wool, eggs in the countryside
– Shop for agricultural machinery
– biogas
– The farm includes cows, sheep, chickens
– Manure, manure, lime V2
– There are 26 fields
– Buying fields
Fashion Needed: MapDoorTrigger, GuelleMistMod
I think I forgot anything but a detail
I invite you and will further
Contact: TS3

By XdLurcinhoXd

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