Nádasdfalva Map V 2.0

It based on my imagination, but points to the hungarian farming enviroment.
The map has a central yard, 3 villages, BGA, wood cutting yard, garden center, compost yard, lot of sell points, and includes pigs and beefs too.
You can plant and harvest sunflower too.
Workings mods on map : multi terrain, water mod, chopped straw, GMK mod, AnimationMapTrigger.
The attached .PDF gives you more detailed information with pictures too.


Nadasdfalva_V2_Entpacken_Unzip.rar – 616.8 MB

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4 Responses

  1. Niklas says:

    Lovely map.
    But why whont the doors open?
    Please help caus I love this map

  2. Comander says:

    why i cant load manure ?

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