Nasze Polskie Okolice v1 (beta)


This is the map of Poland in Polish 🙂 climate in beta, why?
because for me I found some bugs, if you find a bug write to priv on the fanpage on facebook and I improved the mistakes.

Features maps:
– 2 multifunctional farms (one focused on crop production and the other for milk production)
– Map has 32 fields and meadows 6 (Total 38)
– Mod manure v2
– Slurry v2
– Mod chaff V2.1
– Mud v2
– village
– Purchase of cereals
– sawmill
– forest
– Very nice area and landscape
– etc

– Prohibition map editing 🙁 You can edit for your own use but do not spend)
– Prohibition of change link
– When you see that you have broken the prohibitions that person shall bear the legal consequences (This is not a joke !!!)

§ 1. Who takes in order to appropriate someone else’s movable thing, shall be punished by imprisonment from 3 months to 5 years.
§ 2. The same penalty shall, who without the consent of the authorized person obtains another person’s computer program in order to achieve financial gain.
§ 3. In the case of lesser gravity, the perpetrator shall be subject to a fine, imprisonment or imprisonment for a year.
§ 4. If the theft was committed against the person nearest the prosecution at the request of the victim.
§ 5. The provisions of § 1, 3 and 4 shall apply to the theft of power or a card entitling to take money from a bank machine.


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  1. piotrek says:

    bardzo fajna mapa

  2. daniel says:

    bardzo fajna mapa

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